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The title of this blog “wishing on Europe” is meant to recall two well-known songs, “wishing on a star” sung by Beyonce and the unforgettable “wishing upon a star”, written by Leigh Harline and Ned Washington for Disney in 1940 sung by Cliff Edwards. Both songs speak of dreams, situations that are far from being today’s reality; they are only dreams for the future –wishes – as they claim. The European Union today – after 13 years of common currency, the Euro, is still in a situation of ‘hope for’, with opinions spanning from the sceptical ‘will never concretize’ to the hesitant ‘will succeed’ till the more courageous ‘irreversible’.

I am positivist by nature and I ground my reasoning on three considerations:

– In a globalized world with the Unites States numbering 314 million inhabitants, China 1,400 million and India in excess of 1,200 citizens, a European continent divided into little nations would be subject to the mentioned aggregations; which? No matter what you chose.

– Currencies in a free-market environment matter a lot; the more a currency is traded the more its economy is competitive and politically strong.

– Defence strategy: however pacifist we might be I am sure you will agree that sitting around a table among ‘the big’ makes much more sense than ….being consulted by way of diplomatic channels.

In addition, we should also consider that, unlike the USA, we are endeavouring to build a European Union without recourse to a war; admittedly, not with widespread popular participation but such a huge project needs sharp-eyed engineers with vision (otherwise called Statesmen), a modus-operandi justified for a limited time.

Jean Monnet (Fr), Robert Schuman (L), Alcide De Gasperi (It) and Paul henry Spaak (Be) have traced the way, their followers are planting the foundations, fixing errors while keeping at bay scoffers.

These few words are meant to be an introduction and a welcome to the reader. Any introduction to a long lasting virtual conference is customarily filled with hope and good deeds, a centuries’ long strategy to well-dispose the listener before deepening into the complexities of what is today a faulty sketch named European Union.

My postings will comprise comments, not as suave as this introduction may foreshadow, highlighting pitfalls and merits of the EU work-in-progress construction; they will not be long tedious gobbledegook as, in the era of over-information a long reading makes the blogger unattractive.

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  1. le Nazioni che citi non si sono “unite” con accordi ma con guerre o regimi centrali totalitari: in Europa hanno vinto gli USA, che abitano lontano; forse ci conviceremo che stare insieme in Europa (ma quali confini?) conviene solo quando saremo alla disperazione: sarà troppo tardi? e quante generazioni fra?
    p.s. un po’ di sano pessimismo

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