Wishing on Europe

A substantial amount of youths’ emigration has been noticed within Europe in the last two years, mainly stimulated by the present economic crisis. People from peripheral countries are converging towards the core of Europe where unemployment is less severe and a chance to find a stable job more realizable.

Demand to learn new languages have also been verified, German is in ample demand, Chinese-mandarin and French, although English is still the mainstream.

But why the year 2030 is so important? Something important is smouldering inside the European Union; a group of eleven foreign ministers, covering Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain, all sharing the Euro plus Denmark and Poland are working on what’s called “Future of Europe” a project to arrive at a federal State, or rather a confederation as it is envisaged at the beginning. Manuel Barroso, incumbent Commission President, has anticipated the release of an official blueprint paper within the end of this year.

If all goes by planning, citizens of the above mentioned states will share same laws, services and taxation system, in the same way as today you do within your country.

An informal group has also mushroomed under the name of “Young European Federalists” a body that boasts 30,000 “militants” under the age of 35.

It will not be the offspring only to move around, however, the less young including parents and some grandparents might be motivated to follow their relatives to keep the enlarged family together.

With current events it is advisable to plan in advance and probe for new places to possibly set the new anchorage. According to the eiu, a division of ‘the Economist’ who have recently compiled the World Liveability Ranking Vienna presents the best credentials inside the EU, although Zürich comes first in the list, but Switzerland is outside the Union, at least for the foreseeable future and will certainly not join before the 2030.

Mercer, another international researcher, in their last study Quality of Living ranking for 2011 affirm that Vienna is the town offering an excellent living standard.

The OECD has put online a useful tool Better Life Index enabling the user to pre-determine the most important individual needs; the tool enlists the appropriate alternatives to suit your lifestyle. I suggest leaving this exercise for the older generations as the young job-seeker, I am sure, will privilege the work-place rather than the glittering lights of a town.

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