Wishing on Europe

As customary, find below the graphs that I compile having the Euro as the reference currency. Data are collected on a weekly basis, at the close of each Friday session.

Gold: although still very high it is on a descendent mode and does not seem that the 47.40 peak will be touched again soon. It has closed 2012 at € 44.30 per gram.


Oil: This commodity seems to be the prominent value determinant for the Western World rather than the US Dollar; in Euro terms its value subsides as the USD rises and vice versa. Closed the year at € 83.92.


Euribor: the graph is self-explanatory and it shows the low level reached, at least for a foreseeable time.


The US Dollar: from the low point of € 0.684 being the average value of the whole 2008, it has averaged 2012 at € 0.779


British Pound: from the high year-average of € 1.467 reached in 2007 it has come down to € 1.234 as the average for 2012.

Swiss Franc: The current European crisis has seen the Franc inflated to the point when, in September 2011, the Swiss National Bank decided to fix a top exchangeable value of Euro 1.20 to the franc, equivalent to Fr. 0.833 against the Euro. The value of 0.833 Euro has maintained itself constant all along the year 2012.

The next graphs’ review will be published at the end of June 2013.

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