Wishing on Europe

European elections are due next week and I took some time to review the list of candidates in parties I am interested in; one prominent, two smaller parties. I went down to browse through the various listings and found myself faced with a serious problem. How do I choose a candidate that I have never heard of or listened on the TV? As a model citizen I would be required to choose candidates according to their competence, something similar to when you scrutinize a candidate for a position in your company but the attempt is impossible, no way to come to a rational choice.

You may argue that TV channels are parading politicians all days at all times but no way! Most of the times those appearing on TV are party leaders, at least in Italy, while candidates for the EU are hidden, silent on the background. On top of that, discussions on talk-shows relate mostly to local national topics rather than the European Union.

The sensible approach then is to browse the internet in search of the candidate listings and click on their names in search for their curriculum vitae; vain attempt, among the thirty candidates reviewed only two shown their CV in parliament format, albeit partially filled. The bulk of candidates show their respective slogans, propaganda and video-declarations trying to entice viewers, say….emotionally. Does anyone have suggestions?

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