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SeparationA dense dust does not last for a long time; as the soot fades out you begin to perceive a chaotic scenario, then the rubble becomes apparent and you start thinking of a supervisor advice.

In the case of the British referendum the “supervisor metaphor” is undoubtedly the Queen, this precise Queen, while the engineering body must necessarily be the diplomatic corps – not those political experts – as we have witnessed the dividing capabilities exerted by the prominent ones.


Amongst the vast number of solutions tabled down by the press about the question of “what next?” I wish to add my personal view, as someone who believes in the European project and who loves Britain to have roved the Country for decades while interviewing the business world.


Pragmatism is the policy dictated by consideration of the immediate and future practical consequences and my reasoning follows this path:

  • Allow Scotland to call a second referendum about remaining or leaving the UK in the shortest possible time ;
  • The Scottish will most likely leave the UK; Edinburgh and London agree upon amicable terms including the use of the Pound for a 12 years time span;
  • Great Britain then triggers art. 50 of the EU, 2 years for British-EU talks begin;
  • The EU agrees to the prospect of Britain re-applying to join after 10+2 years;
  • Scotland applies to join the EU on preset and preferential time span;
  • On the premise that Scotland decides to join the EU and within the two-year frame, British companies will have time to agree and channel commercial relations with the EU through Scotland, allowing for 12 years’ tariffs continuity with the EU;
  • Still within the two-years’ time frame (art. 50) Britain and the EU will arrange their political relations;
  • The EU would grant Britain faculty to re-apply for EU entry after a period of 12 years -since art. 50 date;
  • Scotland to embrace the Euro after the 12 years’ compact.


With goodwill and accomplished diplomacy by all parties, everything should go according to plan. At the end of 12 years’ time Britain would find itself reunited with Scotland inside the EU; Scotland would adopt the Euro (falling 12 years’ stint) while England would retain their Pound Sterling.

A dream that may willingly come true.

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