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A Fulminating Wedding

alde5We have recently assisted to the hurried attempt by Movimento 5 Stelle and Alde to close a “convenience marriage” at the expense of common sense. We EU citizens must be grateful to them both; they gave us a rare opportunity (rare to the common citizen) to plunge our view into their character in crystal-clear sharpness.

Five-Stars, with their direct-democracy voting system made up of 40,000 adherents have voted at the tune of 70% for a deal resolved (in precedence) by their leader Mr Grillo; it is plausible to ask oneself if those people are actually adherents or they are rather fans. The fact that some 5-Star leaders have justified the “blind trust” shown by their supporters with the scarce or nil knowledge of “what Alde was” upholds the thesis that they are emotional fans rather than people voting in full consciousness.

Alde, on the other hand, evidenced Mr Verhofstadt’s significance for the EU Parliament presidency soon to be voted; in fact 5-Stars in Alde would have raised the number of votes for Mr Verhofstadt to win the chair. Today we know that he is (was?) looking for an easy-chair rather than a stool. But in opposition to the Italian Five-Star supporters, Alde’s Nomenclature has shown character and principles, having rejected the hypothesis of the Italian movement joining the Alliance. A vague premonition of Alde’s distrust for their President?

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